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Staffing Services


Derived from a Latin phrase, Locum Tenens means “to hold a place of” or “to substitute for”. In healthcare staffing, it refers to physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants performing medical services to healthcare facilities on temporary basis, part-time or full-time, and in diverse specialties.

Locum Tenens History

In 1970, Therus Kolff founded locum tenens or physician staffing when he received funding for a project that focused on recruiting temporary doctors to relieve full-time physicians in rural areas of the US.

However, even before Kolff, the concept of traveling doctors has been eminent in the 19th century where point-to-point traveling was more challenging than actual treatment of patients. It was during the Civil War when military doctors were assigned to forts, and at the same time provided medical services to neighboring communities. During World War II, hospitals were opened and operated to treat 200,000 wounded veterans, which led to the establishment of Veterans Administration.

In 2014, the number of locum tenens physicians has approximately reached 40,000 and continues to grow due to the nationwide shortage of healthcare providers. In 2015, an economic modeling and forecasting firm IHS Inc. released a projection of Physician Supply and Demand through 2025, which estimated that the demand for physicians would exceed supply by a range of 46,000 to 90,000.

In this regard, MedTier takes a significant role in providing strategic and reliable solutions to this pressing staffing shortage. Whether the need is for short-term coverage like vacation and leave of absences, chronic staffing shortfalls that includes avoidance of staff burnout, transition or interim staffing coverage, or opening of new service line or facility, MedTier can fulfill all your Locum Tenens staffing needs.

Client Benefits for Using MedTier’s Locum Tenens Staffing:

  • To fill in for unexpected absences of staff
  • To substitute for vacation or leaves of absence
  • To cover physicians who are attending continuing education
  • To supplement staff shortage during peak seasons
  • To provide interim staff while physicians are being recruited
  • To fill in gaps during planning phase
  • To test the viability of hiring for a new staff or specialist position
  • To ramp up a new service line or facility
  • To resolve chronic physician staffing shortage and staff burnout

Client facilities entrust MedTier with their healthcare staffing challenges such as hard-to-find specialty positions, immediate fill, and critical gaps in coverage. We help facilities avoid the high cost of staffing shortage while upholding patients’ continuous access to medical care.


Locum-to-Perm staffing is an essential service we provide to client facilities to enable them to have a trial period with a resource before fully engaging with a permanent offer. It helps gauge and confirm candidate’s clinical competency, level of expertise, and organizational suitability to conclude a successful fit.

In the same way, Locum-to-Perm works best for the physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants as they get to experience the location, co-workers, culture and other work-related factors that may affirm or affect their decision towards committing full-time. With this engagement, the new employee will be able to discern relevance and compatibility of the job as he or she sees it working out on a long-term arrangement. The trial period will also eliminate any doubts or uncertainty about the role that will later on lead to employee retention and a gratifying work environment.

The ‘Try Before You Buy’ approach is beneficial to both recruitment and retention efforts. It allows for a successful fit to be realized, assuring not only quality of candidates but also employee satisfaction or the ability to retain employees on long-term relationships. The process also enables Human Resource department to alleviate hiring mistakes and mitigate the costs of recruitment and administration.

Client Benefits for Using MedTier’s Locum-to-Perm Staffing:

  • Mitigate vacancy costs
  • Reduce cost of full-cycle recruitment process
  • Decrease attrition and increase retention rates
  • Improve worker skills
  • Shorter on-boarding and administrative process
  • Positive workplace environment


MedTier is dedicated to fulfilling every permanent requirement. Our highly-skilled and dedicated healthcare recruiters are driven towards achieving your goal of finding the best staff member for your facility. We understand every need – the qualifications, the timeframe, and the budget required to secure a suitable fit. That is why we focus and devote our time to make sure each role is filled with the best candidate (quality) at the right time (speed) and at the right value (pricing).

We have the experience, expertise, and talent pool of industry resources that enable facilities to connect with top-notch physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants nationwide. We strive to reach out to all qualified candidates both active and passive job seekers in the market and network with industry contacts just to find that perfect match.

We offer risk-free direct-placement services with no monthly fee and provide guarantee on every candidate we place at your facility. Instead of hiring an extra resource to do the immense task of full-cycle recruiting or overwhelm the existing in-house HR team, client facilities can take advantage of utilizing MedTier’s Permanent Staffing services in terms of extended reach, quality connections and swift turnaround.

Client Benefits for Using MedTier’s Permanent Staffing:

  • Reliable intel or market analysis
  • Access to vast talent pool of resources
  • Extended reach on passive and elusive candidates
  • Pre-selected and thoroughly screened resources
  • Offer candidate real insights about clients’ business, brand and culture
  • In-depth access to key strategic skills
  • More control on budget
  • Immediate vacancy fill