Staffing Process


Staffing Process

MedTier employs an organized process to successful staffing. We take staffing to heart and make sure that all procedures are followed and only the best candidates are referred to our client facilities. Various internal teams collaborate from account management, recruitment team to human resource department in order to guarantee smooth and easy placement and best staffing experience.


Requirement Analysis

In-depth analysis of job requirement, job title, job description, mandatory skills, desired or negotiable skills, soft skills, work location, work hours, work environment, salary requirement, employment type, and other preferences.

Job Market Analysis

Survey of market dynamics that analyzes job market progression or decline, job seekers availability, supply and demand, salary trends, candidate expectations, places where most candidates with niche skills are located, and the factors that will make passive candidates switch jobs.

Sourcing Strategy

Identification of potential candidates both actively or passively looking for opportunities using databases, job boards, job advertising, search engine sites, social networking sites, referrals, networking, job fairs and other methods.


Evaluation of clinical skills, work experiences, job duties, educational background, honors, awards, certifications, level of salary, employment preferences, professional and personal references through intensive resume review, phone interview and in-person interview.

Candidate Submission

Presentation of candidate’s packet profile to client facility, highlighting strengths, relevant skills and experience gathered from the initial screening process.

Client Interview

Rigorous screening provided by client, could be multiple phone and in-person interviews with various hiring managers, supervisors or department heads.

Candidate Selection

Official selection of candidate and client presentation of Job Offer and Company Benefits, which may also pose for further negotiation between client and candidate until acceptance is reached.

Credentialing and Compliance

Assessment and verification of qualifications that confirm professional competence and regulatory compliance such as: licensure, certifications, registration to practice in a healthcare field, experiences, references, background and database checks, academic, and relevant training.

New Hire On-Boarding

Assisting new employees’ adjustment to their new jobs through Four C’s: Compliance on legal and policy-related rules and regulations, Clarification on job duties and expectations, Culture and organizational norms, and Connections or interpersonal relationships and building of new networks.