Physician Staffing


Physician Staffing

MedTier is a premier healthcare staffing firm that specializes in Physician Staffing Services such as locum tenens, locum-to-perm, and permanent placement of physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants.

With 20 years of staffing and recruitment experience, MedTier is an established industry leader with commitment to client service and satisfaction. We provide strategic solutions and staffing services to client facilities such as hospitals, medical groups, urgent care centers, independent medical practices, research centers, government facilities and other organizations.

Headquartered in North Carolina and with offices in Georgia, Florida and New York, MedTier has local and national accounts and can work on any requirements across the country. We utilize a personalized technique to healthcare recruiting where consistent communication is key as we provide dedicated account manager to each client facility and a committed recruiter to each healthcare provider.


MedTier utilizes a ‘Win-Win Approach’ or a mutually beneficial relationship to doing business. We believe that the success of our client facilities, satisfaction of our healthcare providers and patients’ access to medical care is the definition of our identity.

A trusted partner and an ally

  • Client facilities treat us as a partner, an essential help to their business operations and revenue.
  • Healthcare providers consider us as an ally, a confidant and a resource to their career plans and goals.

Expedited hiring process with precision and quality

  • Immediate relief and coverage of healthcare providers saving facility costs on vacancy and human resource.
  • Accurate submission of quality candidates per job requirements, facility preferences, while also considering candidate interest and satisfaction.

Offering not just placement but career opportunities

  • Client facilities greatly benefit from the immediate placement of needed resources, quickly resolving staffing shortage and other recruitment challenges.
  • Healthcare providers take advantage of gaining new experiences, new network connections, new skills, as well as the opportunity for career growth and advancement.

Maximizing facility revenue while putting value to patient access and safety

  • Ensuring maximum productivity through filling the gaps and providing immediate staffing solutions to client facilities.
  • Sufficient supply of quality healthcare providers paves the way for adequate manpower and equates to more accessible medical care and healthcare services.


MedTier is true to its name and calling. We make every effort to provide the best staffing experience to all clients and all candidates at all times.

Here are the Seven (7) Reasons Why You Should Choose MedTier:

Reputation of Virtue, Honor and Integrity

We give value to businesses by realizing client expectations, satisfying customer needs and actualizing our words and promises.

Competitive and Intelligent Recruiting

We know all about recruiting and use all available resources –manpower, tools and machineries, to offer valuable knowledge, skillfulness and mastery of the physician staffing industry.

Undivided Focus and Operational Flexibility

We are attentive to the pressing needs and can quickly adapt to business changes, shift key resources and align operational capability to achieve clients’ goals.

Vast Talent Pool of Medical Professionals

We employ the best-qualified physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants who are passionate, motivated, and always on top of their work.

A Game-Changer in the Field of Staffing

We utilize innovative techniques and strategic solutions offering fresh and unique ideas customized to the facility’s specific needs and situations.

Quick Response and Accurate Submission

We make sure to respond efficiently and effectively – providing our clients with the right candidates at the right time and at the right value.

Not just a Supplier but also a Partner

We build and cultivate relationships through ‘repeat’ business. As a partner, clients can rely and depend on us when they need us the most.